Pigs to Russia  

Posted by Wyatt

A Canadian pig genetics company with offices in Ontario and Manitoba are finding new opportunities in Russia. When pig markets are not doing well in Canada companies dealing with pigs must look else were, Russia. Genesus Inc. is partnering with Kubangsky Bacon, a Russian company, to market swine genetics within Russia. Once in full swing, the venture is expected to produce 40,000 sows per year! This is very good considering it cost $500 dollars to ship a pig to Russia from Canada. Genesus will operate the farm, run the genetic program and market the genetics within Russia. The nice part about a Canadian company running the operation is that they can continue to support Agriculture here. Apparently they have been in talks with a feed company in Ontario. The price of a slaughter pig is “a little over $300 a pig,” Long says. “It’s probably the best place in the world today to invest in swine.” 

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