Mans Best Friend  

Posted by Wyatt

Today I am going to talk about mans best friend, and no I am not talking about the TV or Facebook. I am talking about the farm dog. It as become apparent on our operation that things would be far tougher to get done with out the help of our trusty side kick the Border Collie, in fact my great grand father would say "having a good dog is like having two good men".  I know that with the help of our dogs it is much easier to do the little things like turning cattle into the right gate. Below is a video about border collies just incase you might like to find out some interesting info.

Article PhotoI think it is a testament to my great grand father dog, Roy he asked for him to be used in the building of his statue. 

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I would agree Wyatt, one good dog is better than two good men!!


I would like to know more about where I could buy a dog like this?