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Now for the people who know me, they may be thinking of my slightly shortened finger as per usual comes up in a many conversations. But today I am going to talk about steaks you can buy at the  butcher.

Recently I was out for dinner with some friends and this question came up,“What do you think is the best cut of beef? And why?”

Simply put we need understand that beef is muscle tissue.  As a result, regularly used muscles will result in tougher meat, while lesser used muscles will result in tender meat. This doesn’t mean that the less tender cuts aren’t worth eating – au contraire – some of the tastiest cuts come from the tougher muscles.  My favorite cut is a tenderloin, below is a chart to help you get a better understanding of the cuts and maybe assist you in finding your  new favorite cut.

Common Cuts
Blade Steaks or Roast
Medium Tender,
but like butter when braised.
Flank Steak
Less Tender,
but can be great
when marinated
or slowly cooked
Eye of Round
& Sirloin Tip Steaks
Medium Tender,
perfect for fast
grilling or frying;
inexpensive cuts
Tenderloin Steak
& New York Striploin
Tender - the most
tender cuts of beef
Rib Eye Steak
Tender - slightly less tender than Tenderloin or NY, but more flavourful
Top Sirloin
Tender - a great steak;
much less expensive than cuts from the Loin and Rib but still tender and flavourful
Less Tender,
great for braising. 
Try using beef shanks for a larger and beefier version of osso buco.

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Steak between the 12th and 13th rib is the best typically. I like light marbling and my steak well done because I'm weird like that :)