Armed with more then a Gun.  

Posted by Wyatt

This is a peace of info I thought you might find interesting. US troops are now becoming educated in agriculture before being deployed to Afghanistan.  At a university farm in California's crop-abundant Central Valley, a group of U.S. Marines trudged through muddy fields on Monday to learn how to tend pomegranate trees, a crop popular in war-torn Afghanistan. During a week's training, Marines will learn first-hand and in the classroom about irrigation practices, soil salinity, plant recognition and livestock care, among other topics. Kadon helped create the training after doing intelligence work in Iraq and after working in civil affairs in Afghanistan. After researching this I though perhaps everyone should have a mandatory week training to educate people who are unaware of agriculture in Canada. I wonder what your thoughts are on what people might learn from this experience and how it  would affect farm life  in Canada.  

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I believe you are right. I think it would be valuable for the average Canadian to spend some time learning about agriculture and how important it is for every Canadian that we sustain our future!