Bonsmara Meets the Hanson's  

Posted by Wyatt

We were approached at the Calgary Stampede, if we were interested in running (the home for)  the Bonsmaras for the owner for Texas. So most of you are probably wondering why cattle that belong in hot climate ended up in Canada, well we have some of the best  breeding programs for artificial insemination and embryo transplant. So the Bonsmaras were in Canada and then the border closed essentially locking them in canada. So our new job was to look after about 100. The first year was quite the experience. You don't think about some of the things that might affect hot climate cattle in cold weather because usually those 2 things don't mix. When the weather was dipping down to the negative 40 Celsius some of the cattle would have difficulties because their long nose are meant to cool there body even if it is already cool. After the first few years we managed to understand the cattle better,  and had done more research. The man who owned the cattle did not want to sell any there fore we continued to accumulate them. When the borders open in 2008 we had about 800 cattle that needed to be send to Texas. I know that this experience was a lot of work not only out side but also inside with inserting the cattle in to spread sheets and documenting the birth weights ect. However having these cattle help us through BSE and the low prices. Let me know if you have had similar experiences. Something that helped you out when times were tough, and it was just a random encounter that lead it to helping you. Like us running in to a Texas Businessman who couldn't take his cattle home.        

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