Who is Protecting Our Livestock  

Posted by Wyatt

After yesterdays post on Equine herpes virus, I have had a few emails regarding who is looking to make sure the problem doesn't spread to Canada. Canadian Food Inspection Agency are to people for the job.

The CFIA is an integral part of the federal government's capacity to respond rapidly and effectively in the event of a food safety emergency or a threat to agricultural or forest biosecurity. Agency surveillance and inspection programs are designed to detect the presence of hazards in food, animals and plants and their products, and provide an early warning for problems whether they are accidental or intentional.
In addition, stringent border controls, enhanced surveillance and early detection activities, and increased laboratory capacity enable the CFIA to rapidly identify disease agents or substances associated with agro-terrorism, tampering and vandalism.
CFIA works closely with federal and provincial governments to share expertise, and collaborate with the international community for intelligence sharing, to identify risks posed by foreign plant and animal diseases and pests.

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WOW... how interesting is that. Keerp us posted. :)

So are there any horses up here with this virus? I hope it doesn't make it across the border.

There is horses in Canada with the virus however there have only a few cases to date, total in the states and Canada there are 17 affected horses. I will keep you up to date if I here any more.


Alberta Ag's website has the latest updates.