Artificial Insemination  

Posted by Wyatt

Artificial insemination has the potential to increase calf crop uniformity and weaning weight, reduce birth weight and calving difficulty, shorten the calving season and even produce calves of a known sex. On Saturday I bread my heifers using  artificial insemination, the neat part about this method is, you have the ability to use cattle from all over the world. I think that science has made our industry a better place, and has given us the opportunity to advance our herds very quickly. Sometimes you may not have access to a bull or you have too many cows for one bull to breed and in these cases it would be more practical to use artificial insemination. For example when the border was closed, it offered US ranchers the ability to get Canadian genetics even though cattle were not actually moving. 

And I think you will like this picture from

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very interesting Wyatt, your blog is great to read and very informative.

haha Good joke! I like it alot! Your blog is awesome!


I remember going out with my dad at all hours to watch/help him AI. It was so much fun and so interesting. It is crazy how things are changing so much that you could even chose the sex of you calf that's crazy!


how can we produce calves of known sex(cow only)