What Does Majority Mean For Farmers  

Posted by Wyatt

Like all Ag people I am eagerly awaiting what the Conservative Majority has is mind for farming in canada. 

The party's agriculture platform included a promise to remove barley from the CWB's authority.

The Conservatives have also pledged to place a continued emphasis on market access and trade. During the campaign, Stephen Harper also spoke about completing the Canada-EU Free Trade Agreement by 2012 and the Canada-India Free Trade Agreement in 2013. The Conservatives have also promised to continue to stand up for supply management in all international forums and bilateral negotiations.

Noting that I think that the Conservative minority made small steps towards making farming more practical, we now may really see some large strides forward.

This means more individualism, allowing farmers to market barley outside of the province, and more money in Farmers pocket. Also free trade with Canada's second largest overall trading partner. 

I think that the less government involvement will directly reduce the bureaucracy and let individuals see a higher profit.

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I'm excited to see what the Conservatives do for Canadian Farmers!


I am hoping that the majority government will finally pull through for the farmers!

After farming and raising purebred as well as commercial cattle all my life I became allergic to cattle dander....go figure. Having government involvement in subsidies or over regulation has damaged Agriculture. It would be great if the new government gave the operators a chance to use their creativity to make and develope new markets....go farmers!