Our Purebred Journey.  

Posted by Wyatt

As most of you all will know after reading my blog about the bell L brand, our cattle made us who we are and have helped us develop our future. In 1943 my great grand parents bought our first purebred Hereford herd, this came with their homestead at Symons Valley just north of Calgary.  Since then we have made great leaps forward, We were the first people to export Hereford semen to Australia in 1973. In 1976 we were on the leading edge of embryo transplanting and flushing. It was important to my Grandparents to start our own annual production sale in 1972 selling our hereford bulls. We continued on with our purebred Herefords until 2001 were we sold them to Adams Hirsche Herefords. At this time my father took over the cattle and purchased commercial cattle, a herd made up of Hereford and Angus cows. We use the strong Angus characteristics like strong udders and combined them with the hardiness of the Hereford breed. For 7 years we grew our hereford influence herd to over 500 head. Then we sold our herd and now we are custom grassing cattle. The interesting part is that now, I have purchased two purebred Hereford heifers from Hirsche Herefords last fall. One contains almost all of the Hanson genetics and the other contains only a bit of our genetics. I also have a small commercial herd of my own containing Hereford influence genetics.         

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This article was very interesting. I am learning a lot on your blog Wyatt. Good job.


Being a city gal, I never thought that much about the genetics of where my steak came from... just as long as it tasted great. Thanks for the insight!