Climate Change is Good! ... Well for Canadian Farmers.  

Posted by Wyatt

Stanford researchers believe that climate change has already begun to slow harvest growth rates almost everywhere in the world — except in the United States and Canada.

"In some sense, Canada has gained relative to a lot of other countries because Canada has not seen significant trends so far and other countries have, on average, been hurt by climate change which has driven up prices," Lobell said.

Weather or not, climate change is a factor or possibly just a drought in Europe and an earthquake in Japan that result in the prices to rise and the good weather in North America causing increased yields. I guess the most important thing people should take from this is how different the agriculture industry is compared to other industries because we have so many factors that dictate whether we receive a profit. This is why it is important to be versatile when it comes to agriculture because it is truly a industry where only the strong survive.       

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IT must be difficult to budget for the year ahead when there is some much "out of your hands" that you can't control!!!!


Great information Wyatt! I am learning so much! I hope that there are urban folks like myself learning from these in-depth but brief blogs.