We Waste Ton of Food each Year  

Posted by Wyatt

The United Nations says one-third of all the food produced around the world each year is wasted.  In rich developed countries an average consumer throws away 100 Kg of perfectly edible fruits and vegetables. However in poorer countries food is lost by lack of refrigeration, in transport and the lack of infrastructure. Some people are bringing awareness to this issue by using ingredients that would have otherwise been thrown away. Like blood, brain, cauliflower root and leaf that would have been otherwise tossed in the trash.  Not to mention the the UN has 1.3 billion tonnes of food waste. When people are talking of world food production needing to be raised to 70% by 2050 perhaps if we addressed the ways food was stored and could reduces the waste we might only have to increase by 50%.  People are blaming the low cost of food for the large amount of waste. "We're just coming to a point now in our history I think where the cheap food era is finished. Farmers are going to have to get paid more for it. " said John Chudleigh. I think that it is important to in times were uncertainty is about to look at our past. The indigenous people of Canada used all of the buffalo or seal with that in mind perhaps we are going to be eating cauliflower root with a sautéed in cow blood in a few years.

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Very interesting Wyatt. I hate to waste food. Your blog is teaching me a lot. Great job!